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100+ Sentences of Simple Future Tense Examples

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Sentences of Simple Future Tense Examples

The simple future tense is the tense we use to talk about our future plans or goals. We will explore over 100 Simple Future Tense Examples through this article. These real-life simple future tense examples will not only make the tense easy to understand but also give you the confidence to use it effectively.

Simple Future Tense Examples

Section 1: Affirmative Simple Future Tense

Don’t worry, it’s not as complex as it sounds. This tense helps us talk about things that will happen in the future. Let’s get started with some positive vibes!

Sentence Structure: Subject + will + base form of the verb

Affirmative Simple Future Tense Examples:

  1. I will visit my grandma tomorrow.
  2. Emma will finish her homework before dinner.
  3. They will watch a movie on Friday night.
  4. He will buy a new phone next month.
  5. We will have a picnic in the new park.
  6. The sun will rise early tomorrow.
  7. Maria will bake a cake for the party.
  8. The cat will chase the mouse.
  9. My parents will travel to Paris next year.
  10. The flowers will bloom in spring.
  11. She will call her friend later.
  12. They will visit the zoo next Saturday.
  13. He will cook dinner for his family.
  14. We will go shopping in the afternoon.
  15. The teacher will explain the lesson tomorrow.
  16. The bus will arrive at 9 AM.
  17. The sun will set in the evening.
  18. It will snow in the mountains.
  19. Maria will graduate next year.
  20. The concert will start at 8:30 PM.
  21. My mom will buy me a new dress for the party.
  22. They will clean the house before the guests arrive.
  23. He will learn to play the guitar next year.
  24. We will take a family vacation in the summer.
  25. The chef will prepare a special dish for the event.
  26. The flowers will bloom beautifully in the spring.
  27. It will rain later in the day.
  28. Ruby will write a letter to her pen pal.
  29. The team will practice hard for the championship.
  30. The sun will shine brightly during the picnic.

Section 2: Negative Simple Future Tense

Don’t let the negative future tense scare you! We’re just saying what won’t happen in the future. It’s like predicting things that won’t come true. Let’s explore some “no-no” futures!

Sentence Structure: Subject + will not (won’t) + base form of the verb

Negative Simple Future Tense Examples:

  1. I won’t forget to call you.
  2. She won’t attend the meeting.
  3. They won’t eat pizza for lunch.
  4. He won’t play video games all day.
  5. We won’t miss the bus.
  6. The rain won’t stop the party.
  7. Maria won’t buy that expensive dress.
  8. The dog won’t bark at strangers.
  9. My brother won’t be late for school.
  10. The movie won’t start until everyone arrives.
  11. I won’t forget to set my alarm clock.
  12. She won’t share her secret recipe.
  13. They won’t waste their time on unimportant things.
  14. He won’t lose his way in the new city.
  15. We won’t skip our morning exercise.
  16. The movie won’t start until everyone is seated.
  17. The cat won’t go near the water.
  18. The event won’t be canceled due to rain.
  19. My brother won’t miss his flight this time.
  20. The store won’t have the item in stock.
  21. I won’t forget to bring my umbrella.
  22. She won’t lend her favorite book.
  23. They won’t watch TV all night.
  24. He won’t miss his flight.
  25. We won’t have a test next week.
  26. The party won’t end early.
  27. The cat won’t eat that spicy food.
  28. The movie won’t be boring.
  29. My brother won’t visit his friend.
  30. The store won’t close before 8 PM.

Section 3: Asking Questions in Simple Future Tense

Curiosity alert! Now we’re going to ask questions about what might happen down the road. It’s like peeking into the crystal ball of the future. Get ready to unravel the mysteries!

Sentence Structure: Will + subject + base form of the verb

Questions in Simple Future Tense:

  1. Will you come to the party?
  2. Will she finish the book tonight?
  3. Will they travel during the holidays?
  4. Will he join the soccer team?
  5. Will we go to the beach this weekend?
  6. Will it rain tomorrow?
  7. Will Maria cook dinner for us?
  8. Will the birds sing in the morning?
  9. Will my friend pass the exam?
  10. Will the bus arrive on time?
  11. Will you attend the workshop?
  12. Will she meet her cousins at the park?
  13. Will they buy new shoes for the party?
  14. Will he paint a picture for the art show?
  15. Will we invite our neighbors for dinner?
  16. Will it be sunny tomorrow?
  17. Will Maria bring her camera to the beach?
  18. Will the train arrive on time?
  19. Will my friend pass the driving test?
  20. Will the museum open early?
  21. Will you join the art class?
  22. Will she travel to a foreign country?
  23. Will they organize a surprise party?
  24. Will he become a famous scientist?
  25. Will we volunteer at the charity event?
  26. Will it be windy tomorrow?
  27. Will Maria invite her friends to the concert?
  28. Will the bus be crowded during rush hour?
  29. Will my friend meet me at the park?
  30. Will the museum offer a guided tour?

Section 4: WH Questions in Simple Future Tense

WH-what? These are special questions that start with WH words like who, what, when, where, why, and how. They’re like detective questions for the future. Let’s put on our detective hats!

Sentence Structure: WH word + will + subject + base form of the verb

Simple Future Tense Examples with WH:

  1. What will you do this weekend?
  2. When will she finish her project?
  3. Where will they go for vacation?
  4. Why will he learn to play the guitar?
  5. How will we celebrate the victory?
  6. What time will Maria arrive at the party?
  7. When will the store open tomorrow?
  8. Where will the dog find its bone?
  9. Why will my parents buy a new car?
  10. How will they solve the puzzle?
  11. Who will you bring to the dance?
  12. What will she study in college?
  13. When will they start their new job?
  14. Where will he find inspiration for his writing?
  15. Why will we celebrate this special occasion?
  16. How will Maria learn to speak Spanish?
  17. Who will lead the team to victory?
  18. What time will the play end?
  19. When will my parents retire?
  20. Where will they spend their anniversary?
  21. Who will you invite to your birthday?
  22. What will she do after school?
  23. When will they finish their project?
  24. Where will he find a job?
  25. Why will we plant more trees?
  26. How will Maria decorate her room?
  27. Who will join the dance competition?
  28. What time will the play start?
  29. When will my parents return from their trip?
  30. Where will they spend their summer vacation?

Great job! You’ve learned 100+ simple future tense examples today. Now you can confidently talk about upcoming events, possibilities, and predictions. Keep practicing these examples to master the simple future tense.

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