Prepositional Phrases List with Examples: 50 Common Phrases

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Prepositional Phrases List with Examples

If you have ever wondered about those word combos like “in the garden” or “across the street,” you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore a handy list of prepositional phrases.

Prepositions are crucial elements in English grammar, playing a vital role in constructing sentences and ensuring their clarity. One of the ways prepositions contribute to sentence structure is through prepositional phrases. These phrases establish a relationship between the subject and the verb by modifying the noun and the verb. This article will provide a prepositional phrases list with example sentences to enhance your understanding of English grammar.

Prepositional Phrases List

Below is a list of 50 common prepositional phrases…

  1. In the garden
  2. On the mountain
  3. Under the bed
  4. Across the street
  5. Between the lines
  6. Beside the river
  7. Against the wind
  8. During the movie
  9. With a friend
  10. At the beach
  11. Over the rainbow
  12. Behind the curtain
  13. Through the forest
  14. Around the corner
  15. Before the storm
  16. Without hesitation
  17. Inside the house
  18. Upon the hill
  19. Within the city
  20. Along the path
  21. Near the ocean
  22. Against all odds
  23. Throughout the day
  24. Amidst the chaos
  25. Outside the box
  26. Over the years
  27. Behind the scenes
  28. Throughout history
  29. Among the stars
  30. With great enthusiasm
  31. Between a rock and a hard place
  32. Over the moon
  33. During the winter
  34. Alongside the road
  35. Among the flowers
  36. With flying colors
  37. Inside the cave
  38. Against my better judgment
  39. Upon arrival
  40. Before the deadline
  41. With open arms
  42. Behind closed doors
  43. Throughout the journey
  44. Beyond the horizon
  45. During the celebration
  46. Across the nation
  47. Below the surface
  48. Beside the point
  49. Over the bridge
  50. Among the crowd

Prepositional Phrases List with Examples

Here are examples for each of the prepositional phrases:

  1. In the garden: The children played in the garden until sunset.
  2. On the mountain: They built a cabin on the mountain for their vacations.
  3. Under the bed: I found my lost sock under the bed.
  4. Across the street: The bakery is across the street from the bookstore.
  5. Between the lines: You need to read between the lines to understand the true meaning.
  6. Beside the river: We set up our campsite beside the river for a peaceful night.
  7. Against the wind: The flag flapped against the wind during the storm.
  8. During the movie: Please be quiet during the movie so others can enjoy it.
  9. With a friend: She traveled to Paris with a friend for a memorable vacation.
  10. At the beach: We spent the entire day at the beach, building sandcastles.
  11. Over the rainbow: Dreams can take you over the rainbow to magical places.
  12. Behind the curtain: The magician disappeared behind the curtain and reappeared with a rabbit.
  13. Through the forest: We hiked through the forest to reach the hidden waterfall.
  14. Around the corner: The bakery is just around the corner from our apartment.
  15. Before the storm: The birds became quiet before the storm arrived.
  16. Without hesitation: She jumped into the pool without hesitation.
  17. Inside the house: The cat prefers to stay inside the house during the rain.
  18. Upon further examination: The teacher revised the grading system upon further examination of the student’s performance.
  19. Within the city: The museum is within the city, easily accessible by public transportation.
  20. Along the path: We walked along the path, enjoying the peaceful scenery.
  21. Near the ocean: Their cottage is near the ocean, providing a calming sound of waves.
  22. Against all odds: They succeeded against all odds and achieved their goal.
  23. Throughout the day: The sun changes its position throughout the day.
  24. Amidst the chaos: He remained calm amidst the chaos of the busy city.
  25. Outside the box: Think outside the box for creative solutions.
  26. Over the years: The building has undergone many changes over the years.
  27. Behind the scenes: The real work happens behind the scenes in a theater production.
  28. Throughout history: Important events have shaped the world throughout history.
  29. Among the stars: Astronomers study objects among the stars in the night sky.
  30. With great enthusiasm: She tackled the project with great enthusiasm and energy.
  31. Between a rock and a hard place: It felt like I was caught between a rock and a hard place, with no easy choices.
  32. Over the moon: They were over the moon with joy when they received the good news.
  33. During the winter: We enjoy skiing during the winter months.
  34. Alongside the road: We discovered a charming café alongside the road during our road trip.
  35. Among the flowers: Butterflies fluttered among the flowers in the garden.
  36. With flying colors: She passed the exam with flying colors, earning top marks.
  37. Inside the cave: The explorers found ancient drawings inside the cave.
  38. Against my better judgment: Against my better judgment, I decided to try the exotic dish.
  39. Upon arrival: Upon arrival at the airport, we were greeted by friendly staff.
  40. Before the deadline: Submit your assignment before the deadline to avoid penalties.
  41. With open arms: They welcomed us with open arms when we visited their home.
  42. Behind closed doors: The negotiations took place behind closed doors.
  43. Throughout the journey: They remained supportive throughout the journey, overcoming challenges together.
  44. Beyond the horizon: Adventure awaits beyond the horizon.
  45. During the celebration: Fireworks lit up the sky during the celebration.
  46. Across the nation: The news spread quickly across the nation.
  47. Below the surface: There’s a whole world below the surface of the ocean.
  48. Beside the point: His comments were beside the point and didn’t address the main issue.
  49. Over the bridge: We walked over the bridge to get to the other side of the river.
  50. Among the crowd: She stood out among the crowd with her unique outfit.

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