Simple Present Tense Examples | 100 Sentences Of Simple Present Tense

100 Examples Of Simple Present Tense Sentences

On this page, you will find 100 sentences of simple present tense. These simple present tense examples will help you understand the use of simple present tense sentences in our day-to-day life.

We have used simple present tense structures and rules while making these 100 simple present tense sentences.

You can use these simple present tense examples in your day-to-day conversations. And you can also make many more sentences if you know the simple present tense structure and rules. But, if you don’t know, you can learn them here!

Let’s go ahead and check out the below 100 sentences of simple present tense.

100 sentences of simple present tense
100 Sentences Of Simple Present Tense


1.            I go there every day.

2.            We work 8 hours a day.

3.            He lives in Mumbai.

4.            I like this city.

5.            You look happy.

6.            Do you have a car?

7.            Dogs bark at strangers.

8.            I always think about you.

9.            I admit my mistake.

10.          You never admit your mistakes.

11.          They speak fluent English.

12.          We learn English.

13.          Our English class starts at 9 a.m.

14.          I don’t like my hair.

15.          You look like your mother.

16.          Usually, it gets cold at night.

17.          He always makes fun of others.

18.          She looks pretty in a red dress.

19.          This dress doesn’t suit you.

20.          They party every weekend.

21.          You usually don’t come here.

22.          I like to be alone sometimes.

23.          She never tells a lie.

24.          My parents know about our relationship.

25.          She likes him a lot.

26.          We don’t fight.

27.          We play video games sometimes.

28.          It doesn’t happen all the time.

29.          It happens to me all the time.

30.          Do you work for a pharma company?

31.          Monica doesn’t go out at night.

32.          She always gets good grades.

33.          I understand your point.

34.          You always make mistakes.

35.          Don’t you want to come with us?

36.          He doesn’t respect others.

37.          Don’t you love me?

38.          He loves you.

39.          My mother bakes awesome cookies.

40.          I work out a couple of days a week.

41.          She wants to marry a rich guy.

42.          She keeps on crying.

43.          John wants to meet you.

44.          Don’t lose hope!

45.          He always makes me angry.

46.          Put on your jacket.

47.          Don’t get me wrong.

48.          Please don’t ask me for money.

49.          I don’t want your help.

50.          I prefer coffee in the morning.

Congratulations! You have learned 50 sentences of simple present tense. Though these simple present tense examples are easy to understand, you may find them difficult if you are a beginner.

So, before you go ahead and check the rest of the 50 examples of simple present tense. We want to make sure that you are not having any difficulty understanding them. We recommend learning everything about simple present tense in-depth to avoid confusion and doubts.

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100 sentences of simple present tense

51.          I agree with this plan.

52.          He never quits.

53.          She always wears jeans.

54.          Does she work here?

55.          We are sorry for your inconvenience.

56.          You always forget the keys.

57.          If he works hard, he will succeed.

58.          He calls his mother every day.

59.          Does he know horse riding?

60.          You always stand in my way.

61.          He works at the plaza.

62.          I know where you live.

63.          She often reaches home by now.

64.          I miss you a lot.

65.          She looks beautiful.

66.          I go there every year.

67.          I like this one.

68.          I want a bike.

69.          She talks too much.

70.          Do you teach?

71.          Do you remember your promise?

72.          My daughter comes to see me every weekend.

73.          He wants to talk to you.

74.          Mr. Smith wants to see you.

75.          Everyone likes her kindness.

76.          We appreciate your patience.

77.          He doesn’t believe in God.

78.          Don’t you want me to join you?

79.          That guy annoys me.

80.          I want my book back.

81.          He wants his money back.

82.          He prefers to use public transport.

83.          I accept this deal.

84.          I like your proposal.

85.          It snows here in winter.

86.          She works with them.

87.          Do you live nearby?

88.          I don’t feel good about it.

89.          They know about this incident.

90.          Do they understand English?

91.          Please don’t listen to him.

92.          People don’t understand me.

93.          You take care of this.

94.          Do you want something?

95.          I read this book every day.

96.          Her father doesn’t allow her to go out alone.

97.          I don’t trust him at all.

98.          He hesitates to talk to strangers.

99.          They need a loan for their business.

100.        We need a ride.

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