95 Collective Nouns for Animals

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Collective Nouns for Animals in English

Have you ever heard a group of lions being referred to as a “pride”? Or a flock of birds as a “murder”? These fascinating and often unusual terms are what we call collective nouns for animals. They bring a sense of poetry and imagination to our language while beautifully capturing the essence of unity among creatures.

Imagine this: You’re out in the countryside, soaking up the serene ambiance, and suddenly you stumble upon a gathering of geese. What would you call them? A bunch of geese, perhaps? Well, that’s one way to put it, but did you know they are also called a “gaggle”? That’s right! A gaggle of geese waddling around in perfect unison is a sight to behold.

Let’s take a delightful journey through the animal kingdom and explore some collective nouns for animals:

Collective Nouns for Animals

Here’s a list of collective nouns for animals:

  1. Apes: Shrewdness
  2. Antelope: Herd or Cluster
  3. Ants: Colony
  4. Baboons: Troop or Flange
  5. Bats: Colony or Cloud
  6. Bears: Sleuth or Sloth
  7. Bees: Swarm, Grist, or Hive
  8. Birds (in general): Flock or Flight
  9. Buffalo: Herd or Gang
  10. Butterflies: Flutter or Kaleidoscope
  11. Camels: Caravan or Flock
  12. Cats: Clowder, Pounce, or Glaring
  13. Cattle: Herd or drove
  14. Cheetahs: Coalition
  15. Chickens: Brood, Peep, or Clutch
  16. Cobras: Quiver
  17. Cockroaches: Intrusion
  18. Crocodiles: Bask or Float
  19. Crows: Murder or Horde
  20. Deer: Herd or Leash
  21. Dolphins: Pod or School
  22. Donkeys: Drove or Herd
  23. Ducks: Flock or Brace
  24. Eagles: Convocation
  25. Elephants: Herd or Parade
  26. Elk: Gang or Herd
  27. Falcons: Cast
  28. Ferrets: Business or Cast
  29. Fish: Shoal or School
  30. Flamingos: Stand or Flamboyance
  31. Foxes: Skulk or Leash
  32. Frogs: Army
  33. Geese: Gaggle or Skein (in flight)
  34. Giraffes: Tower
  35. Gnus: Implausibility or Herd
  36. Goats: Tribe or Trip
  37. Gorillas: Band or Troop
  38. Grasshoppers: Cloud or Swarm
  39. Hawks: Cast or Kettle
  40. Hippos: Bloat or Crash
  41. Hornets: Nest or Bike
  42. Horses: Herd or Team
  43. Hyenas: Clan or Cackle
  44. Jellyfish: Smack or Brood
  45. Kangaroos: Troop or Mob
  46. Kittens: Intrigue or Kindle
  47. Lions: Pride or Sawt
  48. Llamas: Herd or Flock
  49. Magpies: Tiding or Gulp
  50. Mallards: Sord or Brace
  51. Monkeys: Troop or Barrel
  52. Moose: Herd or Gang
  53. Mosquitoes: Scourge
  54. Mules: Pack or Span
  55. Nightingales: Watch
  56. Otters: Raft or Romp
  57. Owls: Parliament
  58. Pandas: Embarrassment
  59. Parrots: Pandemonium or Company
  60. Peacocks: Muster or Ostentation
  61. Penguins: Colony or Rookery
  62. Pheasants: Nye or Bouquet
  63. Pigs: Herd or Drift
  64. Pigeons: Flight or Flock
  65. Porcupines: Prickle
  66. Porpoises: Pod, School, or Herd
  67. Rabbits: Warren or Colony
  68. Rats: Mischief or Colony
  69. Ravens: Unkindness or Conspiracy
  70. Rhinoceroses: Crash or Stubbornness
  71. Sheep: Flock or Herd
  72. Skunks: Surfeit
  73. Snakes: Den or Nest
  74. Sparrows: Host or Quarrel
  75. Spiders: Cluster
  76. Squirrels: Dray or Scurry
  77. Starlings: Murmuration or Chattering
  78. Swallows: Flight or Gulp
  79. Swans: Bevy, Game, or Wedge (in flight)
  80. Termites: Colony
  81. Tigers: Ambush or Streak
  82. Toads: Knot
  83. Turkeys: Rafter or Gang
  84. Turtles: Bale or Turn
  85. Vipers: Generation
  86. Vultures: Wake or Venue
  87. Walruses: Herd or Pod
  88. Wasps: Nest or Swarm
  89. Weasels: Gang or Pack
  90. Whales: Pod, Gam, or School
  91. Wolves: Pack or Route
  92. Woodpeckers: Descent
  93. Worms: Bed or Clew
  94. Wrens: Herd or Chime
  95. Zebras: Zeal or Dazzle

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